Why carpet tiles?


Why use carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles offer great versatility, and practicality in virtually any contract application.

  1. Carpet tiles may be replaced easily and inexpensively when worn or soiled, or they may be rotated to allow even wear.
  2. Carpet tiles can be mix ‘n matched in colour and texture for a specific effect.
  3. Carpet tiles can be applied in imaginative configurations using different colours and patterns, or to create attractive border features.

Important note: The general method of installation would be a configuration of many tiles placed together. Successful installations are dependent on good screeds, precise laying and tile quality. Please consult with our National Sales Manager if this type of fitting is required.

What to look for

It is imperative that a carpet tile not only maintains its aesthetic appearance over time, but that it has the ability to maintain its shape and to remain flat on the floor surface without doming or buckling.

The ideal carpet tile must have the ability to remain in place undisturbed after installation and to stay looking good, even under the most testing traffic conditions.

To do this, it should possess five fundamental characteristics:

  1. Dimensional stability
  2. Balance between flexibility and rigidity
  3. Sufficient weight and mass
  4. Strength of construction
  5. Resistance to fire