How to choose a carpet

Carpet Care: Tips for Selecting the Right Carpet for You

How do you choose the right carpet for your environment? Buying a wall to wall carpet is likely to be your biggest décor purchase. It is important to select a carpet that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

There are five key considerations to ensure that your purchase is the right one: colour, design, texture, performance and quality.

1. Creating the effect

Colour, design and texture are the important styling elements that create the effect you desire. Colour influences the senses and has a profound effect on mood. Make sure you look at colour choice in relation to the rest of your décor. It’s a good idea to bring fabric and paint swatches with you to hold up against your carpet choice. Light colours make a room appear brighter and lighter – creating a feeling of airiness. Dark colours make a room seem smaller and more intimate. Extremes of colour, both light and dark, make soiling more visible. Carpet colours can also be affected by the lighting in a room.

2. Design and texture

  • Cut pile has a smoother appearance as the loops are cut to provide a softer finish. They can be plush and velvety or have a more relaxed appearance. They offer real luxury underfoot.
  • Cut pile carpets are most suitable for lower traffic areas where sumptuous comfort is desired, such as in bedrooms or lounges.
  • Cut-loop pile is a combination style, which creates an interesting sculptured look. It’s great for areas where you want to make a real feature of the floor. Also suitable for lower traffic, intimate areas.
  • Loop pile carpets have closed loops, which tend to create a dense, irregular surface effect that is ideal for hard wear. Where different sized loops are made, a subtle pattern is created. A loop pile style which is very popular is the Berber look, which has a chunky, almost handmade effect.
  • Loop pile is suitable for higher traffic areas such as stairs, entrance halls and passages.

3. Performance – Matching the grade

Before choosing your carpet, you must make sure it will last beautifully. Think about your lifestyle and the rooms you wish to carpet before making your decision. Every Van Dyck carpet is tested and graded for a specific use.

Van Dyck Carpets go through the ultimate quality test: The Torture Tunnel. Van Dyck has its own unique Torture Tunnel Test, where every carpet put on the market has been subjected to over 75000 footfalls. That is why we have full confidence in our five year guarantee.

4. Quality

The Shield Rating on each Van Dyck carpet will help you decide on the level of luxury and prestige that best matches your budget.