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1. Pile Fibre: 100% Aquafil BCF Nylon 6

2. Backing: Enduroback KR4 (Modified Recycled Bitumen)

3. Fibre Weight: 700 gsm

4. Total Wieght: 4250 gsm

5. Total Thickness: 8 mm

6. Protective Finish: Stain Shield Protected

7. Location Grade: Heavy Commercial

8. Width: 50 x 50 cm

9. Bill of Quantities: Tiles: INNOVATION tufted tiles with Enduroback KR4 (Modified Recycled Bitumen) made from 100 % Aquafil BCF Nylon 6 by Van Dyck Carpets, laid in accordance with the code of practice for installation of textile floor coverings (SANS 10186).


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