Rugs define spaces, frame ambiances and establish interfaces whilst conveying a sensation of warmth that creates a welcoming work or home environment. Rugs convey emotions. Beyond the impression created by their beauty, colours, textures, and design, rugs also affect mood. Architects and interior designers consider rugs an essential part of a room’s decoration. Rugs are extremely easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. The secret to keeping a rug in good condition is to vacuum it regularly and to clean spillages before they dry.

Keeping rugs clean, dry and in good condition enhances ambient air quality and helps minimize allergic reactions, as they act as natural filters, trapping and retaining dust particles — the main cause of allergies. Rooms with rugs in contain fewer airborne dust particles, hugely enhancing air quality.

Van Dyck Floors has an extensive range of rugs, in different colours, textures and price points.