Slave Route Challenge

Our Cape Town team and over 40 clients took part in the Slave Route Challenge on the 14th May 2017. This event traces the ‘slave route’ and honours those who built Cape Town. It brings together people from all walks of life.

This event caters for both runners and walkers and takes them on a journey through Cape Town’s history and culture. Entrants pass Heritage Sites linked to the enslaved population brought to South Africa.

These sites include The City Hall, The Castle of Good Hope, St Marks Church in District Six, The SA Jewish Museum, The Whipping Post, The Hurling Swing Pump, The Company Bell, The Dorp Street Mosque in BoKaap, Iziko BoKaap Museum, Gallows Hill, Fort Wynyard, Iziko Slave Lodge and the Slave Tree Plaque.

This is an event with a history and heritage aspect that takes the entire family on a journey through the streets of Cape Town in celebration of their ancestors who built Cape Town. This event epitomises the spirit of Ubuntu!

The Slave Route was educational, challenging and full of fun and was enjoyed by all.

R 80 000 of the money made was donated to the Home of Hope.