As part of our social responsibility to give back when we can to those in need, Van Dyck Floors recently sponsored a school for special needs children called Bloom Centre. Bloom Centre is a non-profit organization which caters for children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, various chromosomal anomalies, hearing impairments and non-specified learning difficulties (children that are not coping in the mainstream schooling system).

We fitted three large classrooms with our popular broadloom carpet –  Berberesque (Mercury). The children were very happy with the new carpets as they were playing on concrete floors before. As we approach winter, it was our honour to have made such a significant contribution so that the kids can keep warm.

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Van Dyck was approached by a team of 25 Grade 6 & 7 students from Siphumelele Primary School known as the Soul Buddyz, in the call for assistance. They came to us seeking assistance for Grade RR to be protected from the winter cold.

The Siyaphumelela Primary School is a fully fledge school from Grade RR to grade 7, that is situated in a highly poverty stricken rural area of Amatata. Founded in 1950, the school has progressed over the years as it has the Soul Buddyz team today. The Soul Buddyz is a registered club operating under the guidance of the Soul City and the Department of Education. Established in 2014 by MPN Ngema, the primary purpose of the club is to develop future leaders that are going to bring change in their communities by engaging in different projects and life skills programs. Thus far the club has done a phenomenal change in the school such as feeding the needy, cleaning up, providing emotional support and fundraising for new uniforms in support of other disadvantaged learners.

Van Dyck visited the Siyaphumelela Primary School to do a surprise floor installation for the Grade RR classes. This follows a promise the company made to make a difference in the lives of those who need help the most. It was a joyful experience to meet the learners, teachers, staff and principal, but most importantly to see the kind of difference we made to the school. The installation was done on three Grade RR classes and library using our very popular Barcode Earth carpet tiles. The concept was to create an exciting smarties layout on the floor that will brighten up the space. To make this possible we mixed and matched all eleven Barcode ranges under the names of: Alps, Andes, Athos, Balkan, Cedarberg, Etna, Etosha, Everest, Malut, Olympus and Shala to dress up the floor with texture and colour. The principal, teachers and learners were very happy with the installation and promised to enjoy pleasant moments of reading and learning on their new floor

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Van Dyck extended support to the Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre in Kraaifontein – Western Cape. The Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre is a registered Non-Profit Organization (NPO) that is providing care to over 400 animals who are either strays, abandoned, surrendered or neglected. The Centre relies entirely on donations, support and good-will from the public and /or corporate companies to survive.Our Western Cape Regional Manager – Susan Wiese (on the right) was more than pleased to hand over a donation to Denay Saunders (on the left) – the CEO of Uitsig ARC on behalf of Van Dyck. The donation will assist in the operations and maintenance of the Centre to the highest possible standard. As a company that has been supporting good initiatives, this was another opportunity we were truly honored to be part of.

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Van Dyck has taken another opportunity to support the Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare. The Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare is a non profit organization that protect and promote the interest, well-being, safety and development of children within the context of family and community. The organization safeguard the rights of children through a holistic, inter-sectorial, developmental and goal directed approach that involves mentorship, good governance, partnerships and other programs.

Our Regional Manager Athol Marriott-Watson handed over a donation to Barbara Bouwer – the Director for the Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare at a fund raising dinner held in Rodizio, Johannesburg. Van Dyck is always proud to be able to assist in this manner to a worthy organization like the Greater Germiston Society for Child and Family Welfare. It warms our hearts to be able to support such causes and receive appreciation in return.








Van Dyck has also taken up the opportunity to support the Save the Rhino Foundation. Because rhinos are facing an escalating poaching crisis at the moment and unless something dramatic is done to protect them they will go extinct in the wild. The Save the Rhino Foundation is a nonprofit corporation or charitable trust that conserve viable populations of rhinos in the wild. The Foundation supports the endangered rhinos and has a number of programs in place such as anti-poaching- which train, equip and deploy motivated field rangers to protect the rhinos in the wild; and also different environmental education projects. Van Dyck took the opportunity to donate R10 on every square metre of Easigrass sold to the Foundation. The company also supports CROW, a non-profit organisation that helps in the rehabilitation of wild and endangered species. This is why we have a life size rhino covered fully in grass to draw awareness to the Save the Rhino Foundation which we committed ourselves in supporting. We continue seeking for ways to make a difference to the lives and well-being of those that need it most.


Bobbi Bear





Bobbi bear is a Non-Profit Organization which was founded in July 2000. In a nut shell, Bobbi Bear provides a ‘rescue haven’ which helps sexually abused children, to minimize their risk of HIV/AIDS and to help them towards healing and feeling whole again. It also provides the criminal justice system and care giving with a better understanding of the actual events and enables the initiation of appropriate HIV and AIDS interventions. Van Dyck got involved in this project to contribute to the tremendous humanity of the staff and volunteers of Bobbi Bear. As a company that sells artificial grass, Van Dyck provided Bobbi Bear with a large strip of lawn at no cost, which is ideal for any space given it benefits. Synthetic lawn has numerous advantages that includes low maintenance – no cutting, no weeding, no feeding, no watering, no mud and no mess. Our artificial turf is more hygienic and way better for the environment as it requires no pesticides. This is just one step we have taken into making a difference to the lives of those who need help the most.

Van Dyck Carpets is proud to announce that it has partnered with the South African Rugby Legends Association (SARLA) and that for every square metre of carpeting sold in South Africa, Van Dyck Carpets will make a contribution to SARLA.The Rugby Legends is a group of ex-Springbok and Provincial rugby players who have formed a charitable trust. The initial purpose of the trust was to raise funds for the development of rugby at grassroots and club rugby level, thus providing a vehicle for the ex-players to put something back into rugby. Today the Legends has grown into a full-blown social awareness charity using sport as the catalyst to bring people together and then evolving their sporting aspirations as well as educating them about health, wealth and social characteristics.


They have embarked on a sustainable Legacy Park project which has become their flagship, whereby over a 10-year period they plan to raise one billion Rands to build 400 multi-purpose facilities in the economically disadvantaged communities to help our country solve its sporting and social challenges, and as a consequence will feed 500 000 street kids per day.

John Allan (ex-Scottish and Springbok hooker) is the CEO of SARLA and through his leadership and the generous sponsorships SARLA has achieved the following milestones over the past 6 years:

  1. Held over 60 development clinics around the country and coached approximately 45 000 previously disadvantaged players.
  2. Raised in excess of R5-million through various charity fundraising events, which has been used for charitable causes, as well as over R30-million in sponsorships, and this money has been used for the development of sport at grassroots level.
  3. Launched a series of rugby/sport and social development programmes which are sustainable within the sporting circles and communities; these programmes are for the benefit of all sports and can be used accordingly. Two programmes which are up and running are Legends Iqhawe and the Adopt-a-School policy which will work closely with the sporting codes – and Legacy Parks and Street Kids Crime Prevention programmes with government bodies, sporting codes, charities and corporates.


SARLA_VanDyck3What SARLA has achieved for underprivileged and club rugby since inception is nothing short of remarkable, all of which would not have been possible without the substantial support and commitment of former Springboks, first class rugby players, coaches, referees, business associates and sponsors, all of whom contribute enthusiastically without any financial reward.

Van Dyck Carpets and TigerTurf were proud to be the main sponsors at the Legends President Awards Banquet in Sandton on the 10th of November 2010 and this confirms the company’s commitment to socio-economic development and creating opportunities and a better life for all.

For more info re the SARLA programmes please visit their website or alternatively contact one of the sales representatives at Van Dyck Carpets.

Van Dyck Carpets Tel: 031 913 3800
Toll free: 0800carpet (0800227738)

Van Dyck in association with Top Carpets supports a breast cancer association called Reach for Recovery. Reach for Recovery is a free and voluntary support group which aims to supply practical and emotional support to breast cancer patients and their families. This helps in enabling them to make personal decisions and to find the motivation for recovery with the best possible quality of life. This is just one more Non-Profit Organisation that Van Dyck has taken interest in. To do our bit for the breast cancer patients, a large percentage of all our sales at Top Carpets is donated to Reach for Recovery. This contributes towards sending out more volunteers, printing more leaflets or creating more Recovery bags. So each room you carpet doesn’t just bring comfort to your space but it makes a huge difference in someone’s life.