Environmental Sustainability


In 2013, Van Dyck Carpets (Pty) Ltd made a corporate decision to improve its carbon performance. Its first greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory covered the 2012 calendar year. The inventory covered emissions from Van Dyck Carpets’ operations. The inventory report for subsequent years will follow the same detailed approach as in 2012, the base year.

Further to the 2013 verification of the 2012 inventory and reporting of GHG emissions, Van Dyck Carpets (Pty) Ltd has implemented significant efficiency and operating practices across its operations. These highlight Van Dyck Carpets’ commitment to the environment and above all, the reduction of GHG emissions.

In 2015, Van Dyck Carpets (Pty) Ltd became the first South African company to achieve The Carbon Trust Standard for carbon. We have successfully achieved the ISO 14064 for three consecutive years and have improved our carbon performance by more than 40% over a four year period.

We are delighted to inform our stakeholders that a public assertion report highlighting our achievements is available for download following the link below. Please fill in the contact form and a password will be generated that will enable you to obtain a copy of the report.

Download the Assertion Report